Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Second Conference of EuroMed Justice took place in Brussels, on February 28th, and brought together high-level representatives from the South Partner Countries, the European Commission and some EU Member States (Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and the Netherlands), as well as the relevant EU agencies and international organisations, namely CCBE, CoE, CT MENA, CT MORSE, EUROJUST and EJN, ENCJ, IAP, IIJ-Malta, INTERPOL, Siracusa International Institute, UNCTED, and UNODC.

EuroMed Justice’s main goal is to contribute to the development of a Euro-Mediterranean effective, efficient and protective to the human rights judicial cooperation in criminal and civil matters.

EuroMed Justice developed the vision and the strategic concept of cross-regional, Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in criminal and civil matters and pursued with its implementation, including the creation of a sustainable cross-regional mechanism of judicial and law enforcement cooperation.

In only one year of strategic advancement (2017-2018) EuroMed Justice has achieved unprecedented results and historic milestones:

  • The establishment of the Experts Group CrimEx on cross-regional cooperation in criminal matters;
  • Drafting of the main instruments of cooperation in criminal matters: EuroMed Fiches, Legal and Gaps Analyses, Handbook on judicial cooperation, and Digital Evidence Manual.
  • The cross-regional meeting of the EJN Contact Points and the CrimEx platform,
  • The first meeting of the EuroMed Forum of Prosecutors General, and
  • EuroMed Justice’s close coordination with other EU-funded projects: EuroMed Police, Cyber South, and CT MENA.

At the core of the EuroMed judicial and law enforcement mechanism of cooperation and coordination is placed CrimEx. Benefiting from the support of Eurojust, EJN, UN-CTED, and UNODC, CrimEx functions as a real think-tank and a regional forum to build trust and mutual confidence, to exchange good practices and lessons learned, to carry out thorough analyses of the situation in each SPC and in the whole region, as well as to set up specific recommendations, guidelines, manuals, studies and research.

Among the results and deliverables achieved under this period were presented to the stakeholders the pioneer CrimEx documents on Legal and Gaps Analyses, addressing Mutual Legal Assistance in criminal matters, Confiscation of the Proceeds of Crime and Assets Recovery, Extradition, Transfer of Criminal Proceedings, Transfer of Sentenced Persons, Special Investigations Techniques, Cybercrime, Terrorist Financing and Counter-Terrorism, as well as the Handbook and EuroMed Fiches, based on EJN’s Fiches Belges. These documents will serve as major practical tools for the EU and Mediterranean practitioners working in criminal cross-regional cooperation.

CrimEx is also developing the EuroMed Manual on Digital Evidence as a joint activity of EuroMed Justice, EuroMed Police, CTED, UNODC, with the support of Eurojust and EJN.

The Project Management Team also presented the draft Comparative Study on the application by national religious and secular judges of the international norms concerning the best interests of the child, prepared in collaboration with the HCCH, followed by discussions on the future activities to be implemented and the use of the Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) for punctual joint requests from the South Partner Countries.

EuroMed Justice is managed by a consortium led by FIIAPP (Fundación Internacional y para Iberoamérica de Administración y Políticas Publicas, Spain) in partnership with CILC (Center for International Legal Cooperation, the Netherlands), EIPA (European Institute of Public Administration, the Netherlands) and JCI (Justice Coopération Internationale, France).

For any further information on the EuroMed Justice, please contact the Project Management Team at: and/or the Project Coordinator, Ms. Dania Samoul:, tel. +34 93 245 0903. For any content-related issues please contact the Key Expert on Justice, Liberty and Security Mr. Virgil IVAN-CUCU:

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