Monday, December 11, 2017

On 21st-23rd November 2017, EuroMed Justice’s Group of Experts in criminal matters (CrimEx) held its 4th Session under the auspices of the EU Estonian Presidency in Tallinn (Estonia) and back to back with the 49th European Judicial Network (EJN) Plenary Meeting. It gathered participants from 6 South Partners Countries – Palestine, Lebanon, Algeria, Israel, Morocco, and Tunisia – together with representatives from the Estonian Presidency, Eurojust, the EJN Secretariat, EJN contact points in Germany, Bulgaria and Romania, and UNODC. This fourth session was jointly organised with EJN.

CrimEx 4 focused on the “Roadmap for a EuroMed Judicial Platform”. CrimEx had direct contacts and dynamic exchanges of views with the representatives of Eurojust, the EJN Secretariat, UNODC and the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) regarding the participation in networks for judicial cooperation in criminal matters and the coordination among such networks. A questionnaire was also drafted and will be used as the basis of the Roadmap, which should be further discussed and approved in a future CrimEx session.

This fourth session also marked a milestone as, for the first time in EJN history, representatives of the Mediterranean countries attended one of EJN plenary meetings, and direct Euro-Mediterranean contacts and dialogue among judicial cooperation experts were established. In this context, CrimEx acted as the “EuroMed facilitator platform” for judicial cooperation and cases between SPCs and EU Member States were addressed for the first time.


Finally, the CrimEx SPCs members presented their reports on the implementation status of the “Roadmap on national coordination”, elaborated in CrimEx Session 2.


The CrimEx group will meet over a period of two years (2017 and 2018) and functions as a regional forum devoted to Euro-Mediterranean cooperation on criminal justice. The next CrimEx session will take place in Madrid on 22-25 January 2018.

EuroMed Justice (2016-2018) is an EU-funded project which aims to contribute to the development of a Euro-Mediterranean area of cooperation in the field of justice and to the development of effective, efficient and democratic justice systems which protect and promote human rights.

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