Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The objectives of setting up the EuroMed Justice Expert Group in Criminal Matters (CrimEx) are:

  1. To enhance the coordination at national level among SPCs’ National Central Authorities (NCA), judicial and law enforcement authorities.

  2. To activate and support the development of cooperation platforms of justice professionals from SPCs, especially in the field of counter-terrorism, fighting complex cross-border crime, organised crime, cybercrime, irregular migration, trafficking in human beings, money laundering.

  3. To identify the ways of coordination and cooperation with Eurojust, the EJN in criminal matters, the EJTN and other organisations such as the CoE, UNODC, UN-CTED and IAP.

  4. To design the setting-up of a regional mechanism of cooperation and coordination, which is linked to permanent structures (sub-regional, regional or international) and able to function after completion of the project.

  5. To contribute to the development of the North-South and South-South regional cooperation.


Once CrimEx has been nominated, it will function as a real think-tank in the fields covered by the activities under this component. Over two years eight CrimEx sessions will be organised.

The CrimEx members will be closely involved in the elaboration the CrimEx docs on EuroMed judicial and law enforcement cooperation in criminal matters. These documents are: Gaps analysis, Legal analysis, Hanbook on EuroMed judicial and law enforcement cooperation in criminal matters and Updated EuroMed Fiches. 


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