In civil matters EuroMed Justice’s activities focus on the protection of the child best interests in the resolution of cross-border family conflicts.

EuroMed justice will initiate the measures for narrowing the gaps and improving understanding between secular and religious courts.

In this respect, the activities, built upon the communication already established within the Malta Judicial Conference on Cross-Frontier Family Law and The Hague Conference on Private International Law, as well as other international fora, will support the dialogue between the national institutions operating in this field and, in general, simplify accessibility of information for the parties to such conflicts.

To carry out these activities a EuroMed Justice’s Working Group composed of secular and religious judges is established and will meet twice.

The Working Group will discuss different issues regarding the application of international norms concerning the best interests of the child, will exchange experiences and a practical South-South and North-South approach will be envisaged.

The Working Group will be closely involved in drawing up a Comparative Study that will take into account the Handbooks produced under the previous EuroMed justice phase, on good practices concerning the resolution of cross-border family conflicts, with a special focus on cross-border disputes concerning parental responsibility.

The Comparative Study constitutes the basis for a Training of Trainers session.

As a result, the gaps between the family legislation based on religious precepts and the international standards on the protection of the child best interests in cross-border disputes are narrowed and the contacts between religious and secular judges are established.